About the Author


Ezekiel Inyang is a globally recognized digital strategist, a content writer, a successful blogger, online advertising guru, SEO specialist, Digital marketing Director and social media expert with about 10 years experience. He is an associate member of the Institute of Information management. Ezekiel has assisted in Digitally Inclined PhD Dissertations for internationally recognized universities in the UK as well as authoring e-books on Digital/Content Marketing currently selling on Amazon (e.g. Essential A-Z of Digital Marketing – The Digital Marketers Dictionary).

Ezekiel as an individual has developed and managed digital assets for many firms based in America, Africa, Europe and Asia. He currently has worked remotely for Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Kevin David (US Entrepreneur), Appen Global and also with other top brands in Japan, Germany, China, UK, US, Portugal etc. with more than 15 digitally inclined professional certifications in content marketing, research writing, Paid media, SEO strategies, Digital Analytics, advanced digital marketing etc.

For seminars, conference bookings and talks, reach Ezekiel Inyang via email, eazypat4real@gmail.com or ezekielinyang@yahoo.com.