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My Husband told me he will cheat before we got married and I foolishly went ahead – Young lady shares

An anonymous Nigerian lady (not same in picture) has come forward to share a shocking one.

See her story:

I met my present husband now about 3 years ago and we got married last year. He was such an handsome guy that I crushed on him for over 6 months. I couldn’t speak to him but always admiring him from afar. Every single day I prayed he would never see any other lady except me and God answered my prayer sha.

He approached me and then we became friends, and during our friendship we had several s*x I won’t lie. I enjoyed it because this guy was so handsome and irresistible by me in particular. Even while in the relationship, I would dream of us marrying and having kids etc.

I loved him so much, so when he proposed to me I quickly accepted. I jumped at it and was excited that I could not even think straight when he told me that he will likely cheat o after the wedding. I just said “No jor you wont”.

We got married and just 6 months into our marriage he has already slept with about 10 girls in just 6 months into our marriage o… I thought it was a Joke. I even came home one evening and saw him stalk naked in the sitting room devouring another lady. That night the lady was so lucky that she ran out quickly, if not I for kill am.

I really don’t know what to do, now the crush thing don “comot” for my eye and I have come back to my senses but I think it is too late. He keeps claiming that he told me before we got married and yet I went ahead.

At this point now, it is endure or move out but I wonder what even happened to me that I fell so foolishly.

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