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I Love My Husband but I had to Divorce him before he Tears my Womb Apart – Woman shares

A Nigerian woman has this true but funny story to share.

See her story below:

I want to be anonymous. This is a very painful part of my life and very frustrating too. I met this lovely man some years back, he was quite huge and heavily built and so was very attractive but I loved him for much more reason that that to be frank.

We got married and then I realized that I was in trouble. As much as I love to make love, I was not ready to die. He had such a “huge” manhood that cannot be explained or described. I once asked if he did enlargement and he said No that it is natural for him.

Every single day we make love it normally feels like someone trying to do surgery in my womb, we have been married for only 1 year but its been 1 year of bleeding in my private region and using pads not for my period o but for the bleedings I have had from my husband huge man hood.

I can’t tell him to go sleep outside neither was I able to calm him down. Atimes I even beg him to lets have a break for maybe a week or 2 but to my surprise he won’t. He said he will likely cheat if I stay away from him.

As I speak now, I have moved out of the house so I don’t die before my time. I don’t care anymore if he sleeps around or not, my life is more Important to me at this time. My family members have talked and talked but my Life is more Important before somebody tear my Intestine because of marriage.

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