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My Hubby Just Confessed that He married me Bcos of my Back-side that he never loved me – Confused woman shares

A confused Nigerian woman (Not same in picture) has this heart touching story to share.

See her story:

Am currently confused and suicidal. I hope I get out of this soonest. It all started about 4 years ago, I met this handsome guy and he approached me first and said he likes me and wants us to date. We dated for about 1 year and 6 month and then got married.

We have been married now for about 2 years plus with a little son. Just few months ago I discovered that my husband has been sleeping around and he will even come home late at night and won’t eat my food. I thought it was too much work in the office not until I started seeing condoms in his pocket.

I confronted him and then he laughed and said madam let me be sincere with you, I never really loved you, I just loved your big back-side and wanted to have it all to myself. I actually stood there in shock for like 20 minutes and later gathered myself together.

We had a rough night that day because I held his shirt for up to 2 hours that why would he marry me because of my buttocks, who does that ? well, we are married now and that is final we have to live with him… I said all this thinking it will help, but it didn’t, it only made matters worse.

He said he has seen another “Big Ass” and wants to enjoy it to the fullest, that he is addicted to big ass and I have to live with that if this marriage will work.

I have been crying since oh and spoken to many of my friends who have advised me to pull out or move out. I think its a bad Idea to move out, he will bring in the so called big ass lady and my marriage will be gone forever. Am just confused.

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