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After 5 abortions for him and a Ruptured womb, He now wants to Marry a Virgin – Angry Lady shares

A Nigerian Lady (not same in picture) has this touching story to share.

See her story:

I want to be anonymous “biko”. I met this guy about 3 years ago and we dated because we were actually in love and he had said we will get married. We met during my NYSC and dated till after NYSC.

During my NYSC we lived in the same apartment and so we made love day and night. He is actually an addict and to satisfy him, I have to go the extreme and do the unthinkable. He got me pregnant severally and I had to abort because we were not ready for marriage yet, we were just corpers and no Job yet.

We were still living together even after NYSC, we were in love o but I was hearing rumors that he was looking outside but I felt it was a lie. We moved on, I got pregnant the fifth time but did not know on time, by the time I realized it I was already 3 months gone. The doctor to help me do the evacuation adviced that it was risky but I had to go ahead regardless. That abortion damaged my womb and as I speak I was told I may not be able to conceive normally again.

I didn’t tell him then because I didn’t want to disturb him, we kept on making love as usual and true true I did not get pregnant again so I knew I was done for, I did not know he was observing.

We had finished NYSC 2018 and then stayed back till 2019 then we both moved back to Lagos but continued to see each other. Last year 2020, he broke up with me for no reason and it all started like a Joke but I realized I had messed up. I tried to beg him, tried locating his house so I could beg him physically but he refused and said he is done that he needs a bit of fresh air that he might reconsider things again later but not now.

One evening in January 2021, I was chatting with his friend who told me that have I heard that my Ex boyfriend is about to get married to his virgin lady, he said the guy had vowed to himself years back that he must marry a Virgin.

At that point I knew I need to act fast, so this guy actually vowed to marry a virgin and then he used me like that and destroyed my life first before going to look for his virgin. Am just letting out my heart because my next line of action may end somebody’s life.

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