Sex Addicted African Man

My Dad Corrupted me, He never Told me Sex was Bad, He Instead tells me to be Safe – Man shares

A Nigerian man has accused his Dad of corrupting him, he said his Dad never told him that sex was bad and the he Instead tells him to be safe.

See his story:

I want to be anonymous and hide my identity but what I am about to share really means a lot to me.

I am about 27 now but I grew up with my Dad, was told my mum died when I was about 1 year old, so I never really saw her face well. My dad was really nice to I and my sister (we were just 2) but I think he contributed to me being corrupt and immoral today.

When I was a teenager about the age of 13/14, I had my first girl friend and brought her home to introduce to my dad, my dad said she is very pretty and then we were both in SS1 and very young. My dad told me that he is not stopping me from having sex but that I should try and always be safe. I was young back then and knew nothing but whenever he told me to be free to have sex but just be safe, I would go and experiment.

I started having so called safe sex from age 15 and even at a point I started sleeping with adult aunties in our compound back then, In my SS3 I slept with my female teacher and another female corps member. At one time a lady slapped me when I said I wanted to sleep with her, when I told my dad he told me to be careful and not force any lady into sleeping with me that it is rape. I felt he was the best dad in the world but today I regret everything.

As I speak, I can hardly stay a day without sleeping with a lady and when I even try to stick to one its very difficult and tough. I have caught STD’s on every occasion and treat it with herbs. Despite all this, I still can’t get over this addiction that I started quite early in my life. I actually put all the blame on my Dad, the man no try at all.

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