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I was Broke then a lady offered me N20M for me to Leave my husband for her – Woman shares True Story

See her story:

I am a 33 years old Nigerian lady happily married to my handsome hard working and religious husband. We live in a room/parlor self contain with our two kids and my husband earns 75k a month while I also own a small shop where I sell beverages.

last week my husband came back from work furious and very angry, he was pacing up and down with a very strong straight face.

I begged him to calm down and eat his dinner so that while eating we can discuss whatever it is that is bothering him, he accepted so while eating he narrated how his Boss has always been on his case, I asked how? but he was reluctant to tell me until I forced him, he later told me his boss who happens to be a female and almost the same age with him is asking for his hand in marriage, and how he has been refusing and dodging her advances. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say, only packed the plate to the kitchen and headed straight to the bedroom.

My husband came into the bedroom promised that he cannot and will never ever cheat on me that I’m the only woman he loves, that if she continues to bother him that he is willing to resign.

Three days later around noon while I was attending to a customer in my little shop this very big car parked right in front of my shop and this fresh, spotless fair woman came down from the owners corner and walked straight towards me, she greeted me and introduced herself to me as my husband’s boss.

Right there she noticed the anger written all over my face but she was not scared, she continued by saying she is madly in love with my husband and how she has not felt that man for any man ever since she came back from the US to take over her father’s company. She was a very bold woman.

After she was done I told her to leave my shop or else I will break one of my palm oil bottles on her head, I called her different names on top of my voice which attracted other shop owners and passerby mostly women who joined in cursing and pushing her until she hurried back into her car and zoomed off.

After that ugly encounter with the woman my expectation was that my husband will come home with a sack letter, but he came back home said nothing just ate his food played with his kids and we made sweet love that night, I suspected that evil husband snatching witch did not tell him about what happened, so why should I.

The following week I was at my children’s school to plead with the principal to give us a week grace to balance up the outstanding bills we are owing.

As usual the principal agreed and made me write an undertaking that I will keep my promise and pay up in a weeks time or my kids will be sent home.

As I was about to enter Keke my phone rang it was a strange number with similar digits, I picked and it was the lady again as I was about to start shouting she quickly humbled me by saying “I know your husband is a very humble and honest man who is very principled, and I also know you guys are broke” I was speechless when she told me my location and what I just discussed with the principal.

She said further that if I can convince my husband to marry her, she will settle me with 20 million naira in cash as a bonus and she will make my husband general manager to her company.

“Your husband is the only man I can trust with my father’s investment and group of companies because of his honesty” she said.

After I dropped her call I went back home and I have been thinking what I can do with all that money in my head, I even started thinking maybe I should do as If I have agreed to leave my husband for her then after taking the money, my husband divorces her and comes back to me. Am just confused and broke.

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