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My Cousin wants to Scatter my Marriage, she claims I DisVirgined her – Confused Man shares

Nigerian man (not same in picture) shares a heart wrecking romantic but confusing story.

See his story:

I want to be Anonymous please. I am from a poor family and my parents had 6 of us but we had this rich uncle. At a point in my life, my parents could not cater for all of us so she sent me to go stay with that my uncle for a while. I was about 18 when I went to stay with my Uncle.

My uncle had 2 girls only with no boys. The biggest mistake of my life was ever getting too close to the last girl who was like 4 years younger than I. At first we became very close, watched movies together on laptop and go to the mall together. Suddenly we started doing funny things, we started having romance and shamefully we had s*x few times.

I was getting uncomfortable because I knew if the dad dare finds out, I will be dead. So as soon as I got a little Job I had to move out to go squat with a friend far away. However, this my cousin kept saying it was me that dis-virgined her so she can’t just let go. I begged and begged her but I felt she will outgrow it.

I had a girlfriend then but my cousin will once a while come to my squatted apartment and “weak” me will make love with her. I knew there was trouble but she wouldn’t let me be.

Its been 10 years now, I got married but even a night to my wedding my cousin kept sending me nudes that I didn’t ask for and saying that I should not think marriage will keep her away, that afterall I am her cousin and she is free to come to her cousin’s house.

This girl wants to scatter my marriage o. I even arranged an handsome guy for her to date, she said yes to him but still does not want to give me my space. She kept saying I disvirgined her and that it will be hard to let go of me.

Please help me I am in trouble, I can’t even tell my wife because just last week I slept with this my cousin again right on my matrimonial bed. She is confusing my life.

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