Amputee Mary Daniel

Lagos State did not Withhold my N25 Million – Amputee Mary Daniel shares

Mary Daniel, a 26-year-old amputee, whose story went viral about two weeks ago when photos of her selling bottled water in traffic were shared on the social media, shared more stories regarding the 25 million naira donated to her.

Rumors and stories have it that Lagos state government discovered some lies in her stories and had to withhold her 25 million donation to serve as a caution to those who want to do such things.

However, both Lagos state government and Mary Daniel has denied the story and claim it is not true. The story was that she lost her parents and some other passengers in a car accident that amputated her leg and left her poor. The rumor had it that it was all staged and planned to deceive the public and to get donations from Nigerians.

Mary Daniel has not denied the rumor yet but she has denied the fact that the 25 million was withheld. The Lagos state government through the chief press secretary (Gboyega Akosile) to the Lagos State governor has also said the report of the government withholding her money was untrue.

“The story is not that they detected lies from her stories. She requested that she wanted to leave the custody of the state,” said Gboyega Akosile.

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