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He threw me Out with Pregnancy, Now he is threatening to Take the Child – Angry woman shares

Angry Nigerian woman has this true story to share.

See her story:

We got married about 2 years ago and to be sincere, I loved my husband so much and was willing to support him all the way. The number one Issue we had always have was his high level of Jealousy.

He gets Jealous at even the slightest thing and this could be very painful.

I got pregnant by the help of God and we were expecting a baby. I was about 6 months pregnant when something weird happened. I was in the house alone that day when my male neighbour came in to say hello to me, my husband was not home so he decided to stay a bit longer to keep me company.

That day I felt very comfortable with him and I guess I over did that, he was quite a cute guy though but I was not moved by all that. We spoke and started talking emotional stuffs. We were rounding off our conversation when he made some advances and kissed me, If only I knew I would have stopped him. I was trying to tell him to stop when my Husband walked in, that was the beginning of my woe.

He slapped me and that evening despite all my pleadings he sent me out of his house. I went back to my parents place that day and stayed there till I gave birth to my lovely child.

He heard I had given birth and still did not show up then I too later heard he brought in another lady who could not get pregnant despite everything.

After about 3 years of me living apart, he started sending me threats that he is the biological father of those children and has the full right. Can you Imagine him telling me he is given me 3 months to bring his child to him else he will destroy me. Am not scared but I have promised myself that he will not set his eyes on my child ever.

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