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Pls help, My Best Lady told me to my Face that she will Snatch my Husband and she is actually Doing so – Lady shares

A confused and angry Nigerian lady (not same in pics) has this sad but true story to share.

See her story:

I choose to hide faces here so I don’t make matters worse but I need really matured advice.

I got married about a year ago but before the wedding ceremony while I was dressing, I and my best lady had a heated argument and then she almost dropped the role as best lady but said it was too late so she will just endure for the day but I should know one truth that because she is not married yet is not her fault but I that is getting married I should not rejoice yet because she will come for my husband.

She said a lot out of anger so I felt it was just the anger of the moment. Yes I know I might have been too harsh on her, like telling her that her character wont make her see husband and she will just be doing best lady up and down. I was angry at her that day so I said all that but that thing she said, she meant it… “you that is getting married, dont even rejoice yet because I am coming for your husband”. She said all this in anger but I never knew she meant it.

We didn’t really relate well during the wedding but just played along. I also observed that she adjusted the shoulder of her dress so her breast will show very well and then did some seductive things during the wedding.

Immediately after the wedding I deleted her number and told my husband to avoid her which he said its fine by him. I didn’t know they had connected already few days to the wedding and shared contact information.

Just six months into our marriage, I started having dreams and seeing my husband having sex with another woman. I wanted to ask him but decided to observe him and unlike me I had to start tracing him, reading his chats and text messages. I will lie that I want to call that I don’t have airtime. Whenever I make this request he will feel uncomfortable and tell me to be fast and return his phone while he even stands there beside me but I was sharper.

I saw chats he was having with my “yeye” best lady, I knew she was the one from the DP, she has been sending him nudes and using dirty words. At first he told her to stop the nonsense but later he stopped saying stop. She will be calling him sweet names etc. Sometimes when this message drops I will see the notification on his locked phone but when I grab his phone to do my fake call, he would have deleted it and I will see it as “deleted” on WhatsApp.

Please help me, I have spoken to some people who can advise me but the good news is that she has not succeeded yet but I feel she is close to succeeding. That girl can seduce for Africa, please I need to stop her.

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