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My wife said she was a Virgin but am surprised how she knows all the styles and techniques on Bed – Confused Man shares

A confused anonymous man (not same in picture) has this story to share.

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I am really confused but am not trying to suspect anyone here. Before we got married, she never allowed me even touch her hand talk less of any other part. I was not the churchy type but I was hoping after marriage my wife will help strengthen me in faith.

To my biggest surprise, the first night of our wedding me that am not a virgin, I have tasted so many things and yet I did not understand what I was seeing. Firstly she didn’t bleed, though I asked a doctor secretly and he said not all virgins bleed that it depends on a lot.

I wish I could describe how she was doing on bed, teaching me tricks, she was doing it like an expert. She knew how to completely satisfy a man and turn your head upside down. I was just lying down while she did all the tricks and techniques and I was so wowed. It felt like heaven but Inside me I was asking myself that shouldn’t this lady be a novice.

We have been married now for almost a year and every single day when it comes to s*x she is surprising me on daily basis. She is doing magic on bed and am still asking myself if this is a dream. Please I need advise, should I confront her and ask her what is going on.

The truth is, I have once visited harlots(ashawo) and to be frank she does it better than them…. I am finding it difficult to describe. I don’t like trailing or tracking people neither do I even go through her phone, we are still very young in marriage na.

Please how do I confront this matter.

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