My wife is beautiful

My Wife’s Beauty gives me Sleepless Night – Confused Man shares

Confused Nigerian gentle man has this story to share.

See his story:

My name is Jeremy but I will keep my wife anonymous here, I met my wife in the university when we were in year one. We first saw during the Post-Utme and but didn’t become friends. We became closer during my first year on campus.

To be frank she was so beautiful that throughout my years on campus I kept receiving threats, fighting guys, getting punches and sometimes I get some cult attack.

I know we have several pretty ladies out there, but my wife was perfectly created by God. Nice teeth set, nice legs, nice body shape, nice walking steps and cool choice of dresses. She is like a princess wherever you see her.

Every day I see her I always ask my self hope this girl is not playing with my head or using me to catch fun. I felt I was not handsome enough to warrant this beauty. At some point while on campus my friends started telling me that she may not be human o that human being no fit fine like this, that she might be a goddess from the water.

Now, we are married and I have sleepless nights. She works in a office, a colleague of hers do drop her at the gate everyday, several guys sending her chats every minutes on WhatsApp even those she doesn’t know. She is quite decent in morals but I feel when the pressure becomes too high It may become a problem. Even in the night her male boss will call her to say this or that, she said he has not made any move but he is just fond of her. She even said sometimes her male colleagues will be dragging on who will drop her at home or buy her lunch during lunch hour.

All this things give me sleepless night, I can lose my mind if another man begin sleeping with my wife o. That’s my fear.

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