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My Maid Is Pregnant for my Husband but everyone is Blaming me Bcos I Insisted on getting a Maid – Depressed lady shares

A depressed Nigerian woman who chose to be anonymous has this to share.

See her story.

I married a warm and good looking man and so I have always tried to protect him and assist him in every way possible.

I have never known my husband to be Immoral or womanizing. Well, not to my knowledge. We got married now for about 4 years with a daughter between us and all has been going great for us not until about a year ago I realized I needed to start a Job so I too can earn something for the family. My husband salary was not sufficient so I needed to help.

Luckily, I got a Job and had to resume. I told my husband about it and he was happy but also unhappy. How do we care for our daughter and all that… well I told him we may have to get a maid now. He objected severally infact he refused talking to me for some days saying he doesn’t like the Idea. I had to get angry and accuse him and turning me into a full house wife etc.

After my pleadings and sadness on my face, he accepted reluctantly. I had to get a clean and good looking maid so she doesn’t come dirty my home or disgust me.

She was a pretty girl of about 20 years old though from a poor background but my husband never told me that he didn’t want a maid because he could sleep with her, I thought it was because maids could be dirty, stinky or something.

Now as I speak the girl is still in my house heavily pregnant and everyone in the family, church and even neighbours are saying I caused it. Imagine they are not seeing the adultery he committed, its me they are blaming.

Have been crying since. At this point I just wish I could pack out from here so he can marry his maid since they said I caused it. Is it a crime to get a Job and support my husband ?

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