I married a Prostitute

I am Devastated, I just Discovered that all the Young men in my compound has slept with my wife – Angry man shares

Devastated and angry man shares this in so much anger.

See his story:

I am very angry but let me try and share this my story. I married this woman about 3 years ago and we have a lovely daughter.

I am a business man but my business is not very big yet so for now we live in a room and parlor apartment in Lagos and funny enough the house is full of boys. Young boys that have not gotten married yet. Out of about 9 tenants only 2 of us are married, the rest are young guys living alone or with their girl friend.

To cut the story short, my wife is very beautiful and good looking with nice legs, these were the attractive things I saw in her that attracted me. I loved her so much but I observed that she was so free with these guys and to be frank I saw it as just neighbour to neighbour relationship. I felt it was good to relate with your neighbours well.

To be sincere I have never denied her anything but of recent the story changed. Few days ago I passed by the window of one of these guys and I guess they were playing game together when I over-heard them talking about my wife, I decided to slowly pause. I over-head them describing her private part, one of them was boasting about how he had the bigger share and the others said he is lying so he proved them wrong by telling them the color of the pant she was wearing that day.

I recorded the conversation in my phone and after I slowly walked away with my heart beating like a lion as if I will collapse. The guy was correct, that was exactly what she wore as undies that day. I knew I was finished, I knew it was the end of the world for me, no wonder these guys never respected me.

I waited for my wife to return from work then I took a cutlass and dragged her to one of the boys room. Told him to call the other boys else I would cut off his head, I had my married neighbour beside me and 2 of my friends so I was ready for anything.

That evening everyone in the compound came out including the boys, my wife kept denying and swearing that nothing happened then I brought out the recording and played for everyone to hear. The boys ran away faster than I could lay hands on any of them and then my wife started crying. She had slept with everyone of them each and more than once. So I can actually conclude that I married a prostitute.

She said it was the devil, that they lured her and set her up. My question was why wont you tell me if they set you up. Well, to avoid killing her because I was almost macheting her, people took her away from me and told her to stay somewhere else for now till am calm. This thing is very painful.

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