Product of One Night Stand

I am a Product of One Night Stand but I hate my Mum for hating my Dad so much – Depressed lady shares

An anonymous Nigerian lady has this heart touching story to share.

I choose to be anonymous due to the sensitivity of my story. My name is Tricia and I stay in Lagos, Nigeria with my mum. The story I am about to share I had to get it out of my mum after I threatened to kill myself with a knife already almost touching my throat.

So, my dad went to a club but I think he was a decent man based on what I saw about him. In the club he met my mum and they danced together seductively he could not resist what he saw so he took her to his car and they had a quickie. There was no feeling, it was just a quick s*x.

After the act they only exchanged names and departed in the morning. That was the end of it with them but that simple act produced me. My mum got pregnant, tried to abort as usual but all efforts to abort me failed, I survived it over and over. I am special you know.

My mum never told him about this (of course there was no number to call), she kept it to herself and had the baby (me). I think the fact that the pregnancy could not be aborted was what created the extreme hatred for my dad. She had slept with so many men and used protection, but for him the emotions were so much and she mistakenly had it without protection so she hates that day with passion.

She didn’t know how to even reach him, so she raised me alone till I was about 13 when I insisted that if my dad is not late I need us to find him any how. After begging and begging her we searched Facebook with his name and she tried to remember his face. We were lucky we found him, messaged him and connected with him.

It was a long story but my dad was so happy to meet me. He was married to another woman with grown up kids but he showed me so much love yet with all this my mom hated him with passion, she wont even let me spend weekends with him. She said he may poison me or kill me but I know it was a lie, she just hated him.

Of recent he (my dad) was to move with his whole family to Canada has he got a Job there and bigger pay. He pleaded and pleaded with my mum that I follow but she refused and even took the matter to court and involved the police. She is making me really hate her. We have lived in poverty and want and now I meet my dad who has money and she wont let me get too close to him and enjoy my dad’s wealth. This is really hurting and painful. I have cried and cried and maybe I would just run away from home soon.

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