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He proposed to me and I accepted but he is about to Marry another Lady without breaking up with me – Depressed lady shares

A Nigerian lady based in Lagos, has this to share.

My name is Sandra (wont like to show my face though). This is a true story that just happened to me.

As I speak, I am unbalanced, my parents are even planning on taking me to a psychiatric home. This guy(name withheld) and I met about 5 years ago and became friends. I was in a relationship o, he showed up and then made me break up with my former date and followed him because he was handsome and more caring. It was my biggest mistake in life.

After dating for 5 years. He invited me for one dinner and asked me to dress fine, I did and then he proposed to me right there. There was no crowd as we are both shy people. I was so happy, ran home to tell my mum and dad who were so happy for me also told my friends too.

He gave me a ring and then we were planning for him to come see my parents for 6 months he kept saying he was busy and due to covid restrictions in 2020 we could not use restaurants too often so we did more video calls. Everything was going well between us, I can’t remember any fight or quarrel.

It was the 6th month after he proposed to me, a friend of mine sent me a DM on Facebook and when I saw the DM I actually fainted. They had to pour water on me to revive me.

It was his wedding IV. He is about getting married to another lady. My mum tried to call him but he won’t pick. When I got my senses I called him and he picked and said he is sorry that he wanted to tell me since. He said a prophet told him that if he ever married a woman he has slept with he will suffer in life and yes we actually had just 1 or 2 romance.

This guy has ruined my life. All my friends and families have seen the ring in my hand and now they can see the wedding IV on Facebook. Somebody was suggesting I visit a Babalawo, and to be frank I may. Lets kuku end everything for ourself.

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