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Pls help, Everyone thinks I killed my Nephew Bcos I brought him to Lagos and He died after 1 month – Man shares

An aggrieved Nigerian man (not same in picture) is seeking advice and has this touching story to share.

See his story:

My name is Chinedu, I am a business man and I have a big shop in Lagos. I have lived in Lagos for more than 10 years now and my business has expanded so I opened another branch still in Lagos.

After opening this branch I decided I needed someone to stay in the shop for me. It was at that time my blood brother told me he will like his son to come stay with me in Lagos and do business. I accepted and the guy came.

He entered bus to Lagos on his own and I picked him up at the park. he is a very lively guy and everyone at the shop loved him ever since the first day he started going to shop, he is a very funny guy. Why would I want him dead.

All was going well until that unfortunate day, we had a great day at the shop and then we went home together, he was a bit tired and stressed out so I told him to Just eat and sleep. My wife cooked already so he just ate and went into the room to sleep. The next morning I went to the room to wake him up so we prepare for shop, he was not responding. I called and called, shaked him and did all I could do he was not responding. I quickly rushed him to an hospital where they said he was already dead before getting there.

I knew I was in trouble, this boy just came to stay with me and not up to 1 month he is gone. No sickness, no ailment. I cried like a baby for hours, called my pastor, arranged prayer warriors who prayed and prayed but he was gone. I tried to look for men of God who could raise the dead but all to no avail. I had no choice, I had to call his dad (my brother). He first sounded shocked but ended up saying “never, Chinedu what have you done to my son”. The father requested that I bring him back to the village which I did. On getting to the village, I narrowly escaped because everybody kept saying I have used the boy for ritual and I guess they were planning coup for me.

I narrowly ran off from the village at night and came back to Lagos for my business. Ever since they have been sending me threats and spiritual attacks. Calling me and cursing me that my business will die and I will suffer in life, that the head of their son will never profit me.

To God who made me I never used that boy for ritual. I am an hardworking christian and it is God who is blessing my business even before my Nephew came. I am in a serious mess and I need help on what to do and I also need prayers please.

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