My Husband flirts

My Husband stares helplessly at ladies on the street, am afraid he might cheat on me soon – Lady shares

A Nigerian woman has come up to share her concern over her fear that her husband might get into trouble soon.

See her story:

Am scared and concerned about my husband so I want to be anonymous please. I am a very jealous woman and wont want to share my man with any woman neither will I take another woman’s man.

My husband is a strong christian and a leader in the church but of recent I observe that even when I am beside my husband on the road either driving or trekking he will always stare helplessly at ladies that are dressing hot. Sometimes he will almost hit the car in front of him while starring and I am right beside him in the car o.

Severally I will have to shout his name and call his attention. He will apologize and say ‘it is well’. On some occasion where we didn’t drive but decided to trek, my husband will turn his neck 360 degree to look at a woman who just walk pass us and I am there beside him, when I tap him and call his attention, he will always say ‘It is well’.

I have tried to advise him that he should control his eyes and avoid looking but he will always say there is nothing that he is just surprised at what ladies wear this days. Me I think this one is more than surprise, he is over looking and atimes looks helplessly. Am so bothered right now and scared so he doesn’t begin to think of tasting what he is seeing.

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