Raped African lady_Valentine day

How My friends Planned with my Boyfriend and got me drunk so my Boyfriend could Rape Me – Lady shares Val story

See her story:

I had always kept myself a virgin all this years even when I had boyfriends I always told them no sex. Anyone who wanted it so badly, I ended the relationship straight away.

I met this animal in a guy some months back and never knew this would happen. I loved going out with them but on the Val day I didn’t want to go anywhere unless just stay indoor with my boyfriend and we talk and all.

My friends persuaded me and so I stepped out with them alongside my boyfriend, we went to a small outing but in the car they kept begging me to drink which I refused but they insisted that they are drinking and I can drink too. So I drank a little but because I wasn’t used to it, I felt very weak and sleepy and so I slept like a dead person.

When I woke up, I realized the car that was supposed to take us out was parked in front of my house. I asked why we went back home they said we can’t go again that I was drunk and needed to rest. I tried to get down from the car but I felt I was so weak and felt like something entered between my legs. My friends assisted me to get into the house and then I noticed my pant was slacked this was after my friends and my so called boy-friend had gone.

They had cleaned the blood and tried to package me well again. Till now I don’t know where they took me to but I am about to find out because I have taken up the case. I knew I was raped but they cleaned all the evidences after my own friends set me up. I have promised myself that I will revenge this act whatever it will cost me. Such an Idi*t, Fo*l… He just defiled me like that and thinks he will go free.

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