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He destroyed my Female Organ while on Campus, now he wants to Marry another – Desperate lady shares

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I chose to be anonymous so I don’t ruin more than is already ruined but I need to warn everyone to be careful.

I met this handsome guy back then on campus while I was in 200 level he was in 300 level, his dad was so rich that he lived in a flat as a student. He toasted me and I couldn’t wait till the next day to say yes.

We dated for like 2 months then he suggested I come stay with him for a while in which I ended up staying there till graduation.

The shocking part there was that we made love at every available moment, and he had such a huge organ. Every moment he penetrates me, I lay in pain after the pleasure for like 30 minutes. We went on like this for 2/3 years and to be frank while I enjoyed the act back then I knew something was getting damaged inside my body and I couldn’t quite tell what it was. It’s just now I realize what he was doing to my female organ.

In his final year he started losing interest in me, fighting came in and we had to split up so he doesn’t kill me over-night. I had allowed him have his way on me because we had sworn to get married. He swore and even made an oat never to dump me and so I allowed him do whatever he liked.

I just graduated but he had graduated like a year ago and he is about getting married as I heard to a lady undamaged, while I am here damaged. A doctor examined me after I complained of internal pains in the abdomen that was consistent. He said I wasn’t pregnant but that internal organs in my reproductive system has been damaged and injured from inside and that I may have to undergo a surgery. I dont want to go into details but I swore to myself that If anything happens to me I will get him arrested.

I have now grown to hate men with passion but something within me wants to revenge this bast*rd. Its such an annoying experience and I regret ever allowing myself to be used so cheaply and now am the one bearing the pain while he flexes about.

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