Picked from the Street

After 28 years My Parent Just Told me I was Picked from the Street, am heart broken – Lady Laments

Quite a heart breaking story.

See her story:

I grew up in love and affection and so felt at home that my parents were taking good care of me. I had 3 siblings and am the eldest of them, they respected me as their senior sister but now I don’t know if they will respect me again.

I am 28 years old now and about to get married it was then my parents felt they should tell me the truth that I was actually picked on the street somewhere outside Lagos. That they were travelling when a car had accident and both the man and the woman died leaving a surviving baby. They wanted to report to the police but realized that in Nigeria when you make such report you will be in trouble.

According to them at that time they had married for about 6 years with no child and so they decided to pick up the child which was me and brought me up as if I was their own daughter.

We all wept sha as they shared this story but I am surprised that they kept this from me for 28 years. At least I would have tried to tried to trace my root or something. I now feel like I have been living with strangers all my life even though they loved me yet at least I have a family. I was even asking what if they had other children at home and I have elder ones but I don’t know.

I really appreciate their effort in saving me from that accident but a lot is going on in my mind now. A lot of questions they cannot answer.

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