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She is Threatening me Bcos I want to marry her Sister after she turned me down – Young man shares

A Nigerian man whose girl friend turned down his marriage proposal moved on to propose marriage to her elder sister and got a “YES”. They are set to get married but he is getting threats.

See his story:

I met this lovely lady (won’t want to use names) about 3 years ago. We fell in love and started dating, I never proposed marriage to her yet because I wasn’t ready.

I was close to her and members of her family such that you will think we are one family. I use to talk with her elder sis as if we are even dating but I wasn’t dating her I was dating her younger sis.

Sometime last year I got a little Job of about 60k and rented a little apartment so I felt Its time I begin to think about settling down. I had discussed with my parents and they were willing to support my wedding plans.

I summoned courage and went to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years and to my shock she turned me down saying she is not ready that even I am not ready yet that I should work more and earn more before thinking of marriage. I thought it was a Joke but she refused changing her mind even after 6 months of begging and begging her that we will grow together and join our resources, she is insisting we wait until things get better.

Few months ago I ended my relationship with her and summoned courage to approach her beautiful elder sister who am aware just broke up. The elder sis is nice and lovely and more cool headed so I approached her. She did not think twice she gave me a firm “YES” that she has always been wishing she was the one dating me not her younger sis. She said a lot but I was happy she said YES. We were not strangers to ourselves so it was easy to get along.

The news got to her family members and to my surprise, the younger sis (My Ex.) called me and started raining curses and threats. Telling me that she will make sure I suffer that so I think I can abandon her and carry her sis to the altar that this will happen only over her dead body. She said she suffered with me when I had nothing and it was all a lie, yes I had nothing and she dated me but when it came to marriage she is running away is that one a serious type.

I want to report to the police but her family is saying she is just ranting but me I know what that girl can do. Am just scared.

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