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My wife slept with my Neighbour and said she thought it was Me since there was no Light – Angry man shares

An Ndoli man has this to share:

I was away from home for just few days only to return to hear that my wife slept with my neighbour’s husband.

It was the wife of that my neighbour that came to report the matter to me against the wish of her husband who also claimed that it was mistake.

When I went to my wife to ask if that was true she burst into tears and said that night to be frank she thought it was me. That she turned on the bed while asleep and saw a man lying by her side that had same body size like me and same height and since the room was dark she hugged him and said welcome dear, that was how they made love on the bed and even had several rounds on my own bed.

The man in question, my neighbour said he drank a little bit too much that night and then since we live in a estate that has almost all building similar he mistook my apartment for his own and then went in to lie on the bed. All this while his wife was worried and wondering where he was because his phone was unreachable.

My wife said she wanted committing suicide when she awoke and realized that it wasn’t her husband she slept me. The man also said the same thing that he was shocked.

Well as for me I think this whole thing is all made up though I know it use to be very dark here at night but how could she not see his face and just sleep with him and even had several rounds.

Please I need advise because I am about to send her out of my house.

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