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My Parents always Believed am a Virgin, they even told my Fiancé that I am and Now I don’t know what to do – Confused Lady shares

Quite a story from a Nigerian Lady.

See her story:

I wish to hide my identity. I grew up in a very strong Christian family and my dad was a senior elder in the church why my mum was the “Iya Ijo”.

While growing up I use to be a singer in the choir and everyone respected me so much and saw me as a christian. I have 3 siblings and my mum will always tell them to be like me that can’t they see me as holy, righteous and keeping my virginity.

Whenever she says this I will just say “hmmm” in my mind I knew I was only pretending. I had boyfriends and they had penetrated me severally.

Am not proud of this though because I later repented genuinely sha and now about to get married but the Issue is that my parents have said a lot and a lot to my fiance, like telling him that I have been the best child they ever had, holy, kept herself, no man ever touched me bla bla bla.

Infact as I speak, my Fiance holds me in so much high esteem believing that in that times and age a lady can be so sacred.

Have been confused and don’t even know where to start my confession from… It will surely shatter him. This is the most trying times of my life.

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