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My Husband has Just thrown me out because he caught this cute guy ALMOST kissing me – Depressed lady shares

Quite a romantic and touching story.

A Nigerian Lady out of pain, has this to share.

See her story:

Am depressed presently and seeking for every means possible to reconcile with my family.

I use to have a problem with cute guys but I am working on it and getting out of it little by little. I got married about 2 years ago with no child yet though but I have been a lovely wife not until this single guy moved into the next flat.

Yeah I won’t lie he was a cute guy but I tried everything possible not to even look at him or talk to him but whenever I go outside and I walk pass him I would observe that he is staring at me and when I look back our eyes do meet for like some seconds.

This happened for months. One foolish day like that I wanted to drive out when I observed that he was standing by his balcony, we stared at ourselves for like 1 minute but I had to bring myself together and speak some sense into my head.

I was already getting scared so I started avoiding going out too often or when I go out I look down and walk very fast.

That unfaithful day, I was on leave but my husband went to work. It wasn’t up to 30 minutes I heard a knock on the door, it was this my neighbour. As soon as I saw him I acted tough and said “Yes” how may I help you sir. He said he just wanted to familiarize since he is new here. I made a mistake and let him in…

We were still gisting and chatting when the talks suddenly went emotional, we started talking dirty, I didn’t even know what came over me. At this point he moved to my own couch & brought his face closer to mine and was about to kiss me, I was in a moment of shock whether to grab him quickly or just run into the room. It was at this point my husband walked into the sitting room.

He said he came home because he felt very uneasy on the road while driving and didn’t want to have an accident so he turned back. Obviously he had called me but my phone was in the room while I was gisting in the parlor.

He actually came in when his mouth was like 0.1cm away from my mouth and that was it. He first thanked God for bringing him back and called me all sorts. I knelt down and swore that nothing happened and that he was Just about to and I was just about to resist him.

He called me names I cannot type here and this really got into my nerves that see a man that I have never cheated on calling me a prostitute and all sorts. It was then I loosed it and spoke back to him. That was my mistake, the matter became worse and that was the day he made me leave his house. I too angrily moved out to a hotel but its been 2 weeks now and he has not said a word to me.

I have apologized to him but whenever I send an apology text he replies with another abuse calling me a prostitute. Its really painful but I don’t know what to do anymore.

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