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My Dad use to Play with sensitive Parts of my Body as a Kid but Now I think he may have molested me – Confused Lady shares

Quite a confused lady has this story to share.

See her story:

This is a weird story of mine so I want to hide my identity but I think I may have been molested as a kid.

My dad use to be very fond of me as a kid and I can recall then how he would play some rough plays with me.

I was a kid but I am not so sure as I cannot vividly remember all what happened. But I can remember that he will play with my small breast, tap my buttocks atimes and sometimes kiss me on the lips.

When I was approaching 8 to 10years atimes at night I would feel like something soft is entering my private region but I wasn’t sure because I was too young to realize what it was neither did I even remember seeing anyone.

Its not a very clear memory but as I grew older I started to feel as if I may have been molested as a Kid.

I just want to say mothers should take note and guide their female children from perverted fathers.

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