Lost Virginity

Because he has been Helping my Family he wants to Dis-Virgin and then Marry me – Angry Woman Shares

A Nigerian woman (Name withheld) has this story to share.

See her story:

I come from a poor family of about 5 of us and me being the eldest daughter. Our poverty even became worse when my dad died. Things became so hard and tough.

It was then this guy showed up from the church. He was a manager in a bank, he would come to the house give us bags of rice, beans, yam and money. My mum was always so happy and would pray for him.

I too was appreciative and would really appreciate him but he started making advances at me. At a time he wanted me to come to his house and greet him. I asked him why and he said he liked me and wants to just see me.

The day I decided to go to his house he almost had sex with me, I had to run out and thank God I had T-fare on me. He later apologized though and said he wants to marry me.

I am in a serious relationship already but my mum and all my siblings have been begging me to accept him that he is a good man. But me oh am not ready to abandon my relationship of 6 years for this so called benevolent guy who wants to dis-virgin me by all means.

The other time in his car he was touching my laps and all that and blinking the eyes for me. Am not interested, if he will stop helping he should stop, I will get a Job soon and go to University and help my family but am not sure I want to marry him because he helped my family.

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