Depressed Lady

After Aborting 6 Pregnancies for him, he wants to Marry another Woman Says Am not Wife Material – Angry Lady Seeks revenge

Below is the touching story of a Nigerian lady who gave her all to a man and got crushed in return.

See her story:

I want to be anonymous. I went to one of the federal universities in Nigeria where I met this handsome guy o, we fell in love and started dating. I even had to leave the hostel where I was and started living with him to help him cook and do some chores even though we were both students.

We met when we were in 200 level and stayed together till 400 level during this period I got pregnant more than 5 times but I had to Abort because we were not ready yet. I did all this and took the risk of aborting because I knew he loved me so much and we were going to get married as soon as we graduate, that is what we agreed o.

Now we have graduated, I still don’t have a Job but he got a Job before me and that was when things changed. We were no longer staying together of course I was in my parents house while he was in his own apartment. He started acting funny, he wont call until I call and when I call he will tell me he is busy that he will call me back. This continued to happen and yet he won’t let me come visit him. I started getting scared so one day I called him and asked what the problem was that “shebi” he has started work that can’t we start the marriage process, I even cried over the phone for him that day.

It was then he opened up and said see ehhn this relationship cannot work that as he speaks with me he has done his introduction and preparing to get married. I almost fainted that day. Till today as I speak I never get myself yet, please is this a dream.

Infact I don’t even know if my womb is still intact because the last abortion was a mess, please help me am running mad already and worse of all I don’t even know where he lives presently.

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