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My Mother in-law Torments me in the Dream But my Husband won’t Believe me & Send her Out of Our House – Woman shares

See her story:

I want to be so anonymous please don’t “koba” me. I married about 4 years ago but in between my father in-law died and so my husband decided to bring his mum to come stay with us pending when she will get over the fear and the loss.

She has stayed with us now for about a year and ever since she came I normally see her in my dreams either pursuing me or beating me or stabbing me and when I wake up I will be in pains.

I have spoken to my husband severally and whenever I mention it he will flare up and say am I calling his mum a witch. At one time he even slapped me and say never in my life should I ever call his mum a witch.

This woman wants to kill me for real…. I have been praying o but my pastor said she needs to move out of our house else she will succeed. As it is now I can’t even tell my husband about it again so I am thinking of moving out of the house for both of them but some friends said its not the best Idea. Please what exactly does she want from me, I am confused.

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