My Elder sister has been Sleeping with my Husband & yet tells me I can do nothing about it – Angry lady shares

An angry lady who chooses to be anonymous has this story to share.

See her story:

I am very angry as I share this story. My elder sister who seniors me with like 6 years has been a slot ever since I knew her and everybody always says she is more pretty than I and so men would prefer to toast her on the road even when I am beside her than talk to me.

We separated after a while when I went to school where I met lucky who was a nice guy and tall and handsome. He fell in love and started dating. I and lucky got married about a year ago and all things have been well not until my elder sister showed up to visit us after many years of us quarrelling. I welcomed her into my house as a good Christian not knowing I was doing more harm than good.

I sha noticed the way my husband was so curious about her, the way he stared at her and spent some quality time with her. I was scared but she was still my sister.

It wasn’t up to 3 months I started observing some strange things then I asked my husband if anything was happening between him and my sister but he said no and was even angry yet people said they have been seeing them both in Ikeja.

The worse of it all was when I called my big sis on phone and she confirmed that yes she is sleeping with my husband and so what will I do…. Seriously there was an electric spark in my head, its a pity that I don’t know where she lives but all I could do then was rain curses to her on phone and even with all what she said, my husband still stands by his claims that nothing is happening between them but I know something is happening, people are saying it and the ‘yeye’ sister confirmed it. I don’t even know what to do now because reporting her to my parents is needless, no body can correct her. Am confused.

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