I have 3 Kids for My Husband But His Mum wants him to Marry another Woman claiming that am Barren – Depressed woman shares

See her story;

I want to remain anonymous. I am just confused and tired of all this whole thing but I need to get help as quickly as possible.

I have been married for about 10 years now and have 3 girls for my husband and he is not complaining, as much as we wanted boys we are happy we have 3 girls already and we have stopped child bearing.

It been 3/4 years now my mother-in-law has been on my neck and my husband telling him that me am barren that’s why I cannot give birth to more than 3 and that’s why I cannot give him a male child.

I have pleaded with her that we can’t keep bearing children all in the name of looking for a male child but she is threatening that she will kill herself and say its my husband that killed her if he doesn’t marry another woman.

On about 5 occasions she came to our house crying like a baby and at another time she almost spat on me. My surprise is how am I barren for God sake after given birth to 3 girls. This family is just weird, am really fed up.

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