Sisters Sleep with their Dad

Ever Since my Mom Died, I and my Sister out of Pity have been sleeping with my Dad Bt we feel Used Now – Confused Lady Shares

Quite a sad True story but strange one. See her story below:

I want to be anonymous please. I lost my mom about 5 years ago and the bond between her and my dad was so cordial that they were so fond of themselves…..

That year that she died my dad almost ran mad, he didn’t even let us bury her o, he fought everyone. It was a painful lost but my dad refused to see it that way, he will drink and drink till we will have to go pick him up in a gutter (what he wasn’t doing before o).

Sometimes he will attempt to drink poison and then we will block him and beg him to please stop then he will cry and cry like a baby. Several times we will come home and find him crying like a baby. I and my sister (cos we are only 2 of us) have tried and tried to comfort him but to no avail.

One day we sat with him in the parlor that was after about 7 months after mom died. We were watching TV when he started crying as usual then I and my sister went to sit by him, held his head closer and started cuddling him that was how it started o…. The 3 of us made love there and there, that was how we started the threesome inside our house for about 4 years now. I am about 24 and my younger sister is 21. We both have boy friends but they must not hear this at all because we did it out of Pity and most times to help calm him down and take his mind away from my late mom.

Moreover, I feel used right now and feel he may be using us stylishly but I and my sis are already used to it and I doubt if it will be so easy to stop. I really need help.

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