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We were like family friends but now 2 blood-brothers are madly in-love with me and are ready to kill to marry me – Confused Lady shares

Confused Nigerian lady (name withheld) has this story to share.

See her story below:

It all started well as family friends as my dad and their dad has been very close right from secondary school. Our families do a lot together and we even attend same church so we do almost everything together.

Sincerely, this 2 guys(won’t mention their names please) I had always seen them as my brothers or maybe like my besties because we have been family friends since I was born and I am already 25 while their first born is about 30 and the other guy is about 28 or so.

Sometimes I even spend the night in their house, play games with them because they have only the 2 of them while my parents have 4 of us with me being the eldest.

Years came and gone and then they now work and live in away from their parents but we were all still very very close. It came as a shock to me when 2 of them started texting me emotional text and chats. I thought it was a prank or a Joke but it turned out they wanted to date me beyond family friends. I went to them individually and tried to talk things over but I ended up getting proposed to …. I actually like both of them but felt it should be one person proposing not 2 of them at the same time.

I told the senior about his younger brother’s intention to marry me too and also told the younger about his elder brother’s intention to marry me but it fell on deaf ears as they swore to do anything whatever it will take to get married to me.

I have taken the case to their parents but it became worse because this guys are really bent on getting married to me. They live apart now and won’t even talk to each other again.

They are both nice guys and to be frank I wanted to at least get married to one of them but never knew they will both propose and even threaten their lives like this…. This is not what I wanted please I need an advise and a way out of this…. Don’t even know where to start.

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