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My wife is 6 weeks Pregnant but we Got married Just 4 weeks ago and she is even willing to swear by Sango – Confused Man shares

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I am filled with confusion. I married a beautiful woman who I could so vouch for her that no matter what she can never cheat on me.

We dated for some years and through out the period of dating I never had sex with her for once and she too kept herself according to her and I trusted her based on that.

We just got married 4 weeks ago and we started seeing signs of pregnancy, we were very happy and so went to do a test which said she was 6 weeks pregnant. I told the doctor its not possible that they should check again. He checked again and it was the same thing. My wife was already getting confused but I calmed her down and then we went to about 3 other clinic that confirmed that she was actually 6 weeks pregnant.

As I speak she has been crying and begging me that she is willing to swear by even Sango that she has not slept with any other man. Please how am I supposed to believe that….. Or is it possible the 4/5 clinics have made a mistake or should I ‘kuku’ take her to Sango so we settle this matter there….

I am confused, I trusted her but now I don’t know what to do again…. Someone advised I wait for the child to be born and then do a DNA test but seriously ehhn am not sure my blood will be calm enough to wait till the child comes out I need to take action now.

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