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I had to Learn Kung-Fu before Marriage because of domestic Violence increase in Nigeria – Woman Shares

A funny but true story shared by a Nigerian woman with knowefritin on how she learnt kung-fu so has to defend herself in a case of domestic violence.

See her story:

My name is Tolu (not same in picture). I grew up to see my father treat my mum like a trash. Beating her like a bag of garri… though I was very young but I vowed that I will learn to defend myself.

One of the days during the beating of my mum he kicked her like a football and I saw her flinged in the air like a piece of paper. I grew up to be a strong woman and so decided to go join a kung-fu class even as a lady.

Now I am a matured lady and I can fully defend myself if any man tries to touch me in any way. I am engaged though now and I don’t think he will want to harm me but in case he decides to try his muscle on me I am so sure I will teach him a lesson of his life.

I am better now but just wish I learnt this kung-fu then, I would have defended my mum. I advise all women to go learn self defense techniques or maybe join a kung-fu class and in 6 months you will be able to deal with any man that tries to rough-handle you…

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