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I am confused because my Mum always Stares at my husband as If she wants to sleep with him – Lady shares

Confused lady has this story to share about happenings between her mum and her husband.

See her story:

I had always respected my mum right from when I was a baby. I grew up with her only as I never met my dad and I wonder why she refused to re-marry or something.

I got married last year to the handsome man of my dreams. He is such a nice guy and everyone loves him. My mum too inclusive, atimes she grabs him by the hand and pulls him along and atimes she will tell him to come hug her which is normal.

But the one that scares me is when I stumbled on my mum severally starring at my husband…. He won’t even notice she is starring at him but I will see her from a distance starring at him and smiling from one side of the cheek and doing her eyes like that of a cat.

One day I had to say “Mummyyyyy” what is it na why starring at him that way. She smiled and said Nothing o Just observing him. I didn’t believe her because the starring was really somehow, just like the way a lady will stare at a guy she is crushing on.

In fact I am scared already. I am already thinking maybe we will reduce our coming to her house before she use her eye to naked my husband.

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