Domestic Violence

He beats me as If he wants to Kill me yet I love him and we will still be getting Married – Strange Lady shares

Quite a strange story but True.

See her story:

My name is Adebimpe and I stay in Ibadan where I met this handsome God sent into my life. He is such a nice and God-fearing man just that when he is upset he can stab with a knife but I still love him.

We met at a church congress where people from all over comes to worship God and be blessed. I met him then I was 27 already and we have dated for about 10 months now and hoping to get married.

The truth is at times he has beaten the hell out of me. There was once he hit my head on the wall because he found out that I lied to him about something which was not intentional. At another time he beat me with his belt because I lost his money. So I won’t really blame him for the beatings as he does it to correct me and it will be my duty as a good wife to accept the correction.

I have lots of Injuries on my body though but it doesn’t matter its as a result of my stubbornness and disobedience. I love him regardless and so am ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

My advise to ladies is regardless of how a man you want to marry beats you and atimes do you hurt, he is only correcting you and it will be wrong of you to now dump him because he slapped or kicked you. You may even get minor injuries but it will help you later and make you a better woman.

(Note: This is her personal opinion and not a generic advise. We are against domestic violence of all sort)

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