Shocked Man

She Wanted to Marry a Big Boy so I lied that I work in Mobil, Now we’re Married & I don’t know how to Confess – Confused man shares

I want to be anonymous at this point. I stay in Lagos and attend a Pentecostal church here where I met this beautiful lady. She was so pretty that almost every brother in the church wanted to either sleep with her or marry her.

I had tried severally to approach her but she wouldn’t give me a chance at all. So, I realized that she always liked big boys who are living big and having a big Job because she is from a very very rich family.

I have a good Job and earn about 200k a month but I feel she wanted someone who lives bigger so I was able to get her number and then as we spoke on phone I lied to her that I work in Mobil and just resumed so in 6 months time I should be very very big.

We started talking and all and then I proposed to her in barely a week time. She believed me maybe because I have this cool car I got on loan from the bank but I wasn’t working in Mobil.

We just got married last month and she is already suspecting that I don’t work in Mobil but pretending as if all is well. Maybe she wants me to open up to her. She is misbehaving seriously and I feel I should confess but at the same time I feel I was unfair to have taken her out of her very rich family to my average life.

I don’t know how to go about this anymore‚Ķ

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