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My Teacher who Slept with me and got me Expelled for being Pregnant now wants to marry my friend – Angry Lady Shares

This is quite a touching story from an angry lady.

See her story:

My name is Morenikeji, I grew up in Ibadan where I did my secondary school in one of the boarding schools there in Ibadan.

I was a fine girl and I knew it and so several male teachers use to eye me and try to get close to me. I didn’t give them any room not until they employed this handsome male teacher, all the girls in the school use to talk about him and wish they could just do this or that with him.

I was lucky I got close to him and that was how in my SS1 he slept with me in his house after school hour because I sneaked out to go to his house. We did this very often lets say 2 times in a week. I was enjoying it but didn’t know it will result into this because he was using protection.

It was just few months before I entered SS2 then I realize a lot started changing about my body, vomiting, weakness, feverish etc. I went to the clinic, took malaria drug but no changes. It was then they secretly did pregnancy test for me while I was lying on the school clinic bed and discovered I was pregnant.

They didn’t even tell me, they just called my parents and told them and then waited for me to awake from my sleep in the clinic. That day I packed out of the hostel and was shown the door out of the school, I was expelled and the teacher too was sacked.

My parents wanted me to go and meet him that impregnated me but on getting to his house I was told he moved out of Ibadan that he was only squatting there with his friend. That was how my trouble started. My parents showed me pepper but I wont go into that now.

Its now about 10 years and my daughter has grown, I had to do menial jobs to fend for my child as well as myself because my parents were not willing to support me to do anything. I tried and paid my way and did my SSCE and then I could only sponsor my self up to ND level.

Of recent one of my very good friend, like a close friend to me said she was getting married and then showed me her pre-wedding shot. It was then I saw this my Run away Teacher who ruined my life. I opened my mouth and eye in shock, and didn’t want to shout so I just walked away, my friend tried to ask me what the Issue was but I wasn’t ready to talk. She just opened a fresh wound in my life. I went home crying and crying but I had to control myself.

Right now their wedding is in November 2020 and I am thinking of scattering his life for him or maybe I should just tell my friend to back-off… But I must sha do something…. I can’t let this go like that, he destroyed my life and he thinks he can run away.

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