My Brother was the Bread Winner of my Family of 7 but a SARS officer killed him & said we have no Evidence – Angry lady shares

See her story:

My elder brother was not a yahoo boy, I knew his business very well because I have seen him do legit business with white men and foreigners and can vouch for him on that ground.

My parents are very old and retired and couldn’t do much at their young age so right now they are just seated at home doing menial Jobs that can’t even feed any of us or send us to school but this my brother was the one who sent us to secondary school and was also paying for my university education and that of 2 of my younger ones.

According to what we heard from those who brought home his body they said they found his body on the road side early morning and his car was there as well. They people who saw him recognized quickly because he is a known person in this area and very friendly.

We didn’t know what happened to him until an eye-witness said around 11/12 pm or so he saw him dragging with some police men on mufti and couldn’t interfere but he was dragging with them seriously. It was late at night so people around were not much just 1 guy who said he saw what happened from afar. He didn’t hear the conversations well but feels the guy was not cooperating so the next thing he heard was a gun-shot which made him run into the house.

From all indications, he was killed by this SARS men…. I wanted to press charges but the police killed the Issue said I don’t have any evidence. Right now my Dad has stroke on hearing that his rich & helpful son has been murdered and all of us are still in school o just one is doing a small work.

I was involved in the #EndSars protest but not satisfied with this whole thing…. there is no video of evidence for my brother but I want complete Justice for all this men. They are evil.

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