Depressed African Woman

Its Been 9 years since my husband last touched me and yet we are not divorced neither are we living happily – Depressed woman shares

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I don’t want my identity disclosed. I am an unhappy woman right now.

I got married at a very early age in my life because I had this strange sickness and my family was not finding it funny any more. With regards to this, they gave me out in marriage to a man that came for me early in life.

As soon as I got married my situation grew worse and it turned out that only an operation could save my life and the operation would be performed in my womb or fallopian tube – not very certain though.

I didn’t want to do this operation as I have always avoided this operation because the Doctor said as soon as I do it I wont be able to sleep with a man again else the Issue will arise again. I can’t imagine living my life with a man as my husband and not be able to sleep with him. So I refused, but to save my life my husband advised that I accept this offer and do this operation that he will be fine.

I did the operation and thank God it was successful. My husband stood by me through it all at that early stage.

He was able to stay for some months or maybe a year without touching a single woman but I think the table turned after 2 years when he couldn’t bear it again but started sleeping with some of these small girls outside. I felt I was being unfair to him if I deny him this bodily pleasure because I can’t have sex and risk my life again.

So I just closed my eyes to all the rubbish I was hearing he is doing but I advised him to try and use protection for his own sake so he doesn’t die before his time.

Right now he has already impregnated about 3 ladies outside and I think has has even picked an STD, that is the problem now. I really wished I had given him my sister at least to sleep with rather than him impregnating these girls on the street and getting a disease.

I really need help, I know its not easy for a man to stay without this thing but what about me that must not do it else I go back to square one.

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