I was a Rich Big Boy but SARS encounter with me and my brother took me into Poverty – Displeased man shares

Displeased young man has this to share with regards to the #EndSars movement in Nigeria.

Here is his story:

My name is Paul and I am a Nigerian staying in Lagos. I own a shop at Ladipo and some other areas as a young man and a bit educated so I know what I am doing in life.

My business has been doing well and so money use to flow in then I got this nice car just to increase my packaging and look good for babes (Is that a bad thing? )

One night I and my brother were returning from work na so this SARS men stop me. They asked me to step out of the car and then open my boot, I opened it and then one entered my car and started searching the car. They collected my phone and asked where I work. I said Ladipo, that was where things scatter o… they said how will selling spare parts give me money to buy car.

We were there for over 30 minutes before one of them said Oga come and see o, he brought out one sachet of white stuff from under my seat and said I put it there…. I said its not me that was how they slapped me and said they are taking me to the station. They threw me and my brother into their bus and left my car and won’t even let me drive it.

They drove me to a distance place and told me they will waste me & my brother if I dont cooperate. They told me to open my phone and they checked my account balance, I had about 120k. They brought out POS and took my ATM from my pocket then pressed in 90k then asked me to enter my PIN. I refused na so they begin beating me until blood began coming out from my Nose. My brother was the one that told me when there is life there is hope so I entered my PIN and they made the withdrawal and threw us down.

The worst happened when I got to where my car was and my car was no more there… I wanted to faint. I cried like a baby and wanted to kill myself. We called a friend and went to his house then next day went to bank to trace the money but they said I must bring ‘police report’ Imagine…. How do I go and tell them to give me police report when na them take the money.

That was how I started from square one again o in Nigeria. I have been on the street for the #EndSars protest and I swear If I see any SARS by mistake anywhere I fit kill am oh…..

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