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I vowed to Snatch my Sister’s Husband Because she also snatched my Lover when we were Teens – Weird Lady Shares

A weird lady (not same in pics) has this story to share. See her story:

Its a weird story but it was really painful. My name is Cynthia and I am now 25 year old and have an elder sister who is 27 and about to wed.

The Issue with my sister is that she is obsessed with handsome guys and kind of misbehaves whenever she sees one.

I was 17 when I had my first boyfriend and to be frank I loved Fred with all my heart, I was in SS3 already and was ripe for a relationship I guess. Fred loved me so much too, he was an undergraduate and was ready to do anything for me. Fred was so cute and handsome and so I was always scared because he was in school. Though we live in the same area.

We had dated for about 8 months when I showed my sister Fred picture because she insisted. Naturally, I won’t have showed her. I didn’t know when she spooled his number from my phone and started talking and chatting with him.

It came to lime light when a friend of mine told me she saw Fred with my sister so I started suspecting her and sneaked on her phone when she dropped it and it wasn’t locked yet. It was then I saw the chats and realized that she has been sending her nudes to Fred and I guess from the chat that they have slept with each other. I have not even slept with Fred yet because he said he wants to preserve me till we get married.

On seeing all this to be frank I was mad. I couldn’t hold the tears nor control myself so I confronted her. She begged and begged and said she couldn’t resist his handsomeness but she is sorry. Obviously, it was too late… Fred was already getting attracted to her already. I had to break up with Fred and then heard he was dating my sis.

I moved on but vowed that I will pay her back when she finally meets the man she wants to marry. She is about to wed now after some years but I am already feeling it will crush her forever but seriously it was painful back then and she didn’t even feel remorse but rather went ahead to date him. It was really painful.

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