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I am Scared Bcos My Fiancé has a Mental Disorder but his family Insists he will be okay after Marriage – Confused Lady Shares

Confused lady seeks help on a man she loves but seems to have a mental problem which the family claims he will so alright after marriage.

See her story:

I want to be anonymous, But I live in Lagos and run a small business where I met this young man whom I love so much.

I loved him so much but I realize that sometimes I will be asking him about ‘A’ but he will be answering ‘B’ which is something else entirely. Atimes he talks and I don’t understand a single thing he has said because his words will not cohere. When he recalls himself he will say Oh sorry what were we talking about again.

In the past I use to think he was always absent minded but later I realized it was getting out of hand. We had done our introduction already but I am thinking of calling this thing off because I just can’t marry a mentality ill man. I spoke to his mum and dad about it and they said its not an Issue that he has just been worried and thinking over a lot but that after marriage his mind will be calm and settled and all that and his mental health will be perfect.

I partially believe it but one mind is telling me not to believe it. Please somebody should advice me before I end up regretting my life.

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