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I am Immoral today Because my Elder sister Friends Taught me Dirty things when I was a child – Young man shares Touching Story

A Nigerian man is passing the blame for him being Immoral to his sister friends who he claims taught him so many dirty things when he was a child.

See his story:

My name is Segun (Not same in picture) – won’t show my face. I grew up in a remote part of Lagos with 3 elder sisters and my parents. I am the last born and our eldest sister seniors me with about 10 years. In the past I use to doubt if she was my real sister but my mum clarified that to me as I grew older.

I was only 5 year old when my eldest sis will bring her friends from school to the house to play and as they play they will sometimes all remove their cloths and leave only undies while I sit and watch. Not just that alone, atimes they will bring boys along from school because my mum and dad were always at work. My mum was a trader and my dad worked in one factory like that.

My sister will bring her female friends home when she was in secondary school and they will be playing daddy and mummy with me. 3 girls will say they are marrying me in the play and the worst happens when they have to touch me, touch my man-hood and play with my man-hood. I was already 6/7 year old and didn’t know much but my body use to respond.

One of the girls I remember her very well was very raw and dirty. She will put my hand in her private part and make me do things I cannot speak of in this story. This started happening from around 6/7 year old and by the time I was 13 I had my first sex with that dirty one right in our house…. I feel my elder sis planned it or maybe she just excused herself by mistake.

At the age of 16/17 I had slept with more than 8 of my elder sister’s friend who were like times 2 my age. They really contributed to my problem today. I wish there was a way I could go back to my 5 year old and make amends. Its so painful that this happened but I really blame my sister for this rubbish, she made me experience this things quite early in my life and now I find it difficult to stay a day without sleeping with a lady and I am already 27.

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