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How SARS collected the money needed to treat my Mother in Hospital which led to her Death – Angry young man shares

This is his story:

On the 31st September 2020 when I received my salary on my way to union bank to withdraw the balance needed to treat my sick mom in the hospital.

I tried all I could so I don’t get spotted by these criminals called sars but all was in vain seems they are everywhere. I got hooked on my trousers and was like where is your phone I gave them the little phone I had with me and they argued and slapped me that I’m joking with them I was still on my word that I had no other phone.

They had to search me in the process brought out my salary atm card and a bullet which I believe the sars operative that searched me was holding in his hands before putting hands into my pocket.

The story changed that I had a bullet in my pocket, they had to carry me then I pleaded ok that I’ll withdraw money in my account for a bailout.

They had POS with them so they had to do it themselves that’s how they collected my salary of #15000 and #4000 remaining in my account and the little phone I had on me. I couldn’t treat my mum again and so she died just like that….

Source: #EndSars website

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