How a SARs Officer Sexually assaulted and almost raped me on my way from a club – Anonymous lady shares True story #EndSars

An anonymous lady has this to share with regards to the #EndSars movement in Nigeria.

See her story:

Its a pity it was in the night so there was no one to record or take a video as evidence.

This happened about a year ago, I was returning from a club and it was almost midnight. I was not drunk though I was on a bum shot and a spaghetti top but that doesn’t give anyone the right to start touching me.

I took a bus around 11/11:30 which dropped me at my bus stop. My area is very peaceful so I wasn’t scared but all of a sudden a bus drove pass me and reversed to my side. I wanted to run but they said hey don’t try it na police no fear. I stopped and they started asking me who am I and what am I doing late this night outside.

I said am going home then one of them said ‘na lie’ she resemble ‘ashawo’. I got really angry and said na your mama be ‘ashawo’ … It ended with a slap and that was how I ended up in their bus. They started touching me and pressing my breast not until I saw a car coming then I put my hand outside and screamed.

The car owner slowed down and then they felt threatened and dropped me then zoomed off leaving me half naked on the road. It was dark so I couldn’t recognize any face but I was really pissed and wish this guys can be disbanded completely, it serves them right.

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