Worried Young Man

My Uncle is Abroad But His Wife is always telling me Body no be Firewood and I wonder what she means – Young man shares

Here is the interesting and true story of this young man.

Here is his story:

I kind of stay with my uncle and I have stayed with him now for more than 2 years. He got this Job abroad and decided to honour it and maybe come back after a while to get his wife and only child.

Its been 6 months already since my uncle left the country and his wife is always using this phrase whenever we talk, “Body no be firewood”…

Atimes we will be having normal conversations and then before I know it she is already saying “hmmm my brother body no be firewood o”…

Its always worse when we all sit in the parlour and watch a movie with the little boy and then they start kissing in the movie, the next thing you will hear is “my brother, body no be firewood o”.

I respect her so much and so far she has not made any advance towards me or try to do anything funny but no day passes without her telling me that body no be firewood.

I am a responsible young man and a good Christian and so don’t really understand what this is all about. I am sharing this incase there is a way I can help her out because my parents are not in Lagos and I can’t just leave yet or mess things up.

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