Depressed African Woman

My Parents are using Bride Price to chase Men away from Me and they won’t Stop – Depressed Lady Shares

Here is her story:

I desire to be anonymous but want to share my pain hopefully I will feel better afterwards.

I am from the eastern part of Nigeria and about 28 years of age. My parents believe that they must adhere to their traditions in terms of marriage and bride price.

Most recently, I had this guy we loved each other so much and were already preparing to get married.

He met my parents, they loved him so much and accepted him as their son-in-law. My guy works in a bank and earns maybe around 200k or so.

He proposed to me that faithful morning right in my office, everyone saw it and were happy, taking pictures and all. I was also happy not until he came home to see my parents for the Bride price and dowry list.

That day I noticed his looks changed, he stepped out of the house not saying too many words to me and to anyone. His conversation changed, only for him to get into his car and texted me that are my parents planning to sell me to him. I laughed thinking he was merely Joking.

That evening he didn’t call me so I called him to know if he had gotten home but he didn’t pick. The next text I will see is “Tell your Dad to marry you himself”

That really got me pissed so I responded to him that he is very stupid and should go and hug transformer. That was how it ended just like several other men in the past 4 years.

My plans are that I may end up getting pregnant and just run into a man’s house.

In case anyone may need to know, the dowry, bride list and the stuffs in the list would be more than 5 million naira if I am not mistaken. They claim that is the list everyone in the family has used even himself but I think its a lie.

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